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Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service - Harrison County

247 Atwood Street
Corydon, IN 47112
Phone: 812-738-4236
FAX: 738-2259

Monday through Friday-8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Rebecca J. Wilkins-
Extension Educator - 4-H Youth Development

Purdue Extension Office

Extension Office 812-738-4236
Rebecca Wilkins- Extension Educator- 4-H Youth Development
Harrison County 4-H Council President: Sarah Cline
Harrison County 4-H Council Vice President: Lacey Gleitz
Harrison County 4-H Council Secretary: Amanda Uhl
Harrison County 4-H Council Treasurer: Tim Harmon and Cheryl Lone
Harrison County 4-H Council members elected: Stefanie Bliss, Jim Bliss, Dennis Flock, Lacey Gleitz, Amy Ragains, Tim Davis, Alice Hayes, & Lynne Thomas

4-H Council members appointed: HCAS Fair Board member: Todd Uhl, Extension Advisory Board member: Lisa Uhl, Homemaker member: Carla Clunie; FFA advisors: Ashley Norwood, Archie Sauerheber, Whittney Saurheber; and County Council member: Kyle Nix

Livestock Superintendents

Cat: Angela Durbin 812-968-9373 ~assisted by Lisa Uhl & Linda Abner
Dog: Stefanie Bliss 812-732-4497 ~ assisted by Lisa Uhl, Jimmy Bliss
Beef: Charlie Sieberns 812-738-8152 ~ assisted by Dennis Clunie, Tim Harmon & Natalie Harris
Horse and Pony: Penny Zeller 502-905-8776, Clyde Wyzard 812-946-2019
Diary Female: Dana Leffler 812-946-0720 ~assisted by Shirley Jones, Jack Leffler
Dairy Steer: Shirley Jones 812-267-0705 ~assisted by Dana Leffler & Molly Leffler
Dairy Goat: Kristen Garwood, 812-732-4789~assisted by Kay Jacobs & Amanda Uhl
Meat Goat: Teresa Eschbacher, 812-732-4769 ~ assisted by Lynne Thomas
Poultry: Jim Bliss 812-732-4497 ~assisted by Stefanie Bliss, Kay Jacobs
Rabbit: Patti Byerly, 502-724-2765 ~assisted by Ron Byerly, Amanda Uhl
Sheep: John Hayse 812-734-4447 ~ assisted by Christie Hardin
Swine: Lynne Thomas 812-969-3150 or 812-267-5517 ~ assisted by Carla Johnson & Vincent Johnson
Large Animal Master Showman: Kathy Eschbacher-Timberlake 812-267-3949
Small Animal Master Showman: Jim Bliss 812-732-4497

Project Superintendent Contact Numbers

Crafts ~ Dee Albers ~ 812-738-4444
Home & Family ~ Beverly Dodds ~ 812-366-4265
Horticulture and Photography~ Myrtle Whitman ~ 812-737-2358

Conservation & Natural Resources - Amanda Uhl : 812-738-0972

Mechanical Science ~ Moira Nix ~ 812-347-2920
Poster Projects ~ Jamie Robinson ~ 502-424-2034
Mini 4-H ~ Cherri Stephenson ~ 812-364-6200

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About us

The Harrison County Fair has been held for over 150 years, making it the oldest county fair in the state of Indiana to be continuously held in the same location, the Harrison County Fairgrounds


  • Harrison County Fair Office Phone
  • (812) 267-7471
    Monday through Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM