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4-H Fair Events

Below is the events leading up to and including the Harrison County Fair.


3– Livestock ID 4:00 pm-8:00 pm at the Harrison County Fairgrounds

  • ID Day for Beef Feeder Calf, Beef Feeder Heifer, Dairy Feeder, Meat Goats, Market Lambs
  • You must be entered in your species project by NOON on May 3rd. Bring your completed ID worksheet to ID day to receive your ID information. ID worksheets are available at the Extension Office. You must then enter this ID information into 4HOnline before the state deadline of May 15. We advise that you enter the information as soon as possible. ID information cannot be changed or updated after May 15.

15– All livestock ID and companion animal must be entered on 4HOnline. NO EXCEPTIONS.

15– State Project Add/Drop Deadline, CARCASS FORMS DUE TO OFFICE

28– FairEntry Deadline– Enter animals and projects you intend to bring to the fair. Choose your classes.


9-Dog 4-H Show– Saturday, June 9- Registration at 9:20 am with the show starting at 9:30 am at the Harrison County Fairgrounds.

12- Exhibit Hall Project Check-In 7:00 pm-9:00 pm

13- Exhibit Hall Project check-In 9:00 am -NOON

  • Exhibit Hall Project Closes-Noon
  • Exhibit Hall Judging– 1:00 pm– Ends

14– Exhibit Hall Set-Up– 9:00 am (Adult Volunteers-Please contact the Extension Office to sign up for a shift) Exhibit Hall closes from June 13th at Noon until Friday June 15th at 3:00 pm. Exhibit Hall will ONLY be open when building hosts are available.

Other General Fair Information FairEntry

Deadline is May 28th.

Please enter each exhibit hall project you are exhibiting in the FairEntry Database. This is how we generate labels, pen assignments, tags, and judges sheets. If you need assistance, please come by the Extension Office before the deadline and we will be happy to assist.

4-H Exhibit Hall Hours– Friday, June 15th from 3:00 pm—9:00 pm Saturday, June 16-Friday, June 22 from 1:00 pm-9:00 pm daily when hosts are present

Exhibit Hall Project Check-Out– Saturday, June 23 9:00 pm—NOON

State Fair Exhibits may be taken home to make modifications suggested by the judge. This is encouraged!


Fair Events

4-H Fair, Harrison County Fair, Corydon, INFriday, June 15th

Auction Registration– Designate your Auction Animal at check-in
8:00 AM-7:00 PM: Poultry Check-In:, Pitts Small Animal Barn
9:00 AM-9:00 PM: Rabbit Check-In:, Pitts Small Animal Barn
9:00 AM-9:00 PM: Beef/Diary Beef Check-In:– Cattle Barns
9:00 AM-9:00 PM: Goat and Sheep Check-In– – Small Animal Barn
9:00 AM-9:00 PM: Swine Check-In– (Weather Permitting)– Swine Barn– Weigh-In when you check-in or on Saturday morning.
7:00 PM: Poultry Weigh-In-, Pitts Small Animal Barn
6:00 PM-9:00 PM : Beef– Dairy, Goat and Sheep Weigh-In

Saturday, June 16th

7 AM - 8 AM: Swine Weigh-In:
8:00 AM-11:00 AM: Auction Photo Session for entries in the Auction (MANDATORY): Current 4-H t-shirt recommended. Wear your back-number on the front so that it will be visible in the photo. Photo Order: Poultry, Swine, Rabbits, Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Goats
Carcass Project Scanning: TBD
9:30 AM - 11 PM: 4-H Poultry Meat Pen Show, Pitts Small Animal Barn. Poultry
11 AM: 4-H Poultry Showmanship and Exhibition Poultry Show, Pitts Small Animal Barn
Micro-Mini Tractor Pull– TBD
4 PM - 6 PM: 4-H Meat Goat Show, Small Animal Barn Annex

Sunday, June 17th

1 PM - 9 PM: 4-H Exhibit Hall open for viewing 4-H projects
2 PM - 4 PM: 4-H Dairy Female Show, 4-H Show Pavilion

Monday, June 18th

9 AM - 12 PM: 4-H Rabbit Show, in the Small Animal Barn AnnexHarrison County Fair - 2017
10 AM: 4-H Rabbit Ambassador, Showmanship, Small Animal Barn Annex
12 PM - 3 PM: 4-H Dairy Steer Show, 4-H Show Pavilion
1 PM - 9 PM: 4-H Exhibit Hall open for viewing 4-H projects
5 PM - 10 PM: 4-H Beef Show, 4-H Show Pavilion

Tuesday, June 19th

Animal Release for Non-Auction Animals– after swine show –10:00 am Wednesday
11 AM - 2 PM: 4-H Sheep Show, Small Animal Barn Annex
1 PM - 9 PM: 4-H Exhibit Hall open for viewing 4-H projects
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM: 4-H Swine Show, 4-H Show Pavilion

Wednesday, June 20th

Animal Release for Non– Auction Animals ENDS– 10:00 am
12 PM - 4 PM: 4-H Dairy Goat Show, Small Animal Barn Annex
1 PM - 9 PM: 4-H Exhibit Hall open for viewing 4-H projects
4 PM: Livestock Showmanship Winner Photos
5 PM - 7 PM: Large Animal Master Showman, 4-H Show Pavilion
7 PM - 9 PM: Open Class Beef Show, 4-H Show Pavilion, to follow Master Showman Contest
Animal Release for Non-Auction Animals– After the Open Beef Show-Thursday at 9:00 am

Thursday, June 21st

Animal Release for Non– Auction Animals ENDS– 9:00 am
10 AM - 12 PM: 4-H Small Animal Master Showman, Small Animal Barn Annex
1 PM - 9 PM: 4-H Exhibit Hall open for viewing 4-H projects
3 PM - 3:55 PM: 4-H Awards Ceremony, 4-H Show Pavilion
4 PM - 4:50 PM: Chuck Wagon Dinner, in the 4-H Dairy Barn for 4-H members and their families plus 4-H auction buyers and volunteers
5 PM - 8 PM, 4-H Livestock Auction, 4-H Livestock Pavilion

Fair Week - Harriosn County FairFriday, June 22nd

1 PM - 2 PM: 4-H Fashion Revue, Talmage Windell Memorial Agricultural Building
1 PM - 9 PM: 4-H Exhibit Hall open for viewing 4-H projects

Saturday, June 23rd

9 am - 12 Noon: Exhibit Hall Project Check-Out, Exhibit Hall

Post Fair Activities

4-H Cat Show-Thursday, June 28, 6:00 pm, Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall

4-H Food Preservation and Food Preparation-July 10-6:00 pm-Extension Office Building

4-H Public Speaking Contest-July 12, 6:00 pm-Extension Office Building

4-H Bicycle Rodeo-TBD 4-H Horse and Pony Show– July 21 and 22, 2018

Western-Type and Saddle-Type, Saturday, July 21 @ 10AM

Hunter Type and Contesting, Saturday, July 22 @ 10AM

Clayton Matthew Norris Memorial Arena, Harrison County Fairgrounds

To locate information about the Purdue University Extension Service or the Livestock and Project Superintendents, click here for names and phone numbers.

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About us

The Harrison County Fair has been held for over 150 years, making it the oldest county fair in the state of Indiana to be continuously held in the same location, the Harrison County Fairgrounds


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