Queen Contest Information

2021 Harrison County Fair Queen's Court

2021 Harrison County Fair Queen's Court

Erika Corbin (Left) was crowned 1st Runner-Up, Blaine Whittake (Center) was crowned Queen and Lydia Coyle (Right) was crowned Miss Congeniality and 2nd Runner-Up

2021 Queens' Contest Rules & Entry Form - Must be postmarked by Thursday, May 20th, Mail to PO Box 84, Corydon, IN 47112



Below is the information and schedule for the Queen Contest

1. You should arrive at the Harrison County Purdue Extension Office, 247 Atwood Drive, Corydon, IN, 47112.

2. A female friend or mother may accompany you for support and to help you prepare for each event. However, she will not be allowed to see the interviews or be in the room for the competition.

3. Wear minimal jewelry, if any.

4. Your shoes should be 2" heels or sandals. A pump is preferred because they are more comfortable, easier to walk in, and will flatter your legs.

5. Practice smiling!! Think of something that delights you. A sincere, easy smile will be points in your favor.

6. The winning contestant must be prepared to attend the fair every night throughout the week. Remember to wear appropriate clothing and conduct yourselves in an adult-like manner. Also, do not walk around the fairgrounds alone at any time. When you go to your car, if you do not have someone with you, go to the fair secretary's office and someone will walk you to your car.

7. It is the Queen's responsibility to attend the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis in January to compete in the pageant there. Members of the Fair Board will be willing to assist you in preparations for this event. Details about the State Fair will be given to the Queen.

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