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Tuesday, June 14th2022 Harrison County Fair Sponsors - Corydon, Indiana

10 AM - Open Class Dairy Show, Dana Leffler – 812-946-0720

Wednesday, June 15th

7 PM - Open Class Beef, Kathy Timberlake is the superintendent 812-267-3949

Friday, June 17th

6 PM - Open Class Poultry Show, Superintendent is Mellisa Greenwell 812-267-6758
7 PM - Open Class Sheep Show, John Hardin superintendent, 812-267-5433

Saturday, June 18th

9 AM - Open Class Rabbit Show, Patti Byerly 812-737-2469

2022 Open Class A-1 Beef Cattle Rules (Printable PDF)
2022 Open Class E-1 Sheep Rules (Printable PDF)
2022 Open Class E-2 Rabbits Rules (Printable PDF)
2022 Open Class Poulty Rules (Printable PDF)

2022 Open Class Dairy Cattle Rules (Printable PDF)

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The Harrison County Fair has been held for over 150 years, making it the oldest county fair in the state of Indiana to be continuously held in the same location, the Harrison County Fairgrounds


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